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WHO has made a movie about the Donnellys?
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Welcome to was created in 1997 for anyone interested in the Donnellys, Canada's notorious family, that was murdered by a vigilante committee near Lucan, Ontario, on February 4th, 1880. 2014 marks the 134th anniversary of the Biddulph Tragedy, as it came to be known.

It is also anniversary. This web site has been online for 17years, and it is still going strong, attracting over 847,000 visitors to date. We're happy to be celebrating our 17th anniversary online, and wish to thank everyone for their continued support of this web site.

Whether you're a Donnelly enthusiast, or someone finding out about the Donnellys for the first time, this web site is for you! It offers everything to do with the family from historical information and photos, to books, music and videos. We hope that you find the information on this web site useful. And that you will encourage others to visit this site.

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DONNELLY Book Now Available on
Many people know the story of the Donnelly family who were massacred by a vigilance committee on February 4th, 1880 just outside Lucan, Ontario. Several books have been published on the murders including the events beforehand; few have revealed the lives of the four Donnelly siblings who survived the murders.

A Donnelly Treatise -- After the Massacre by Peter McKeown, is a non-fiction historical account of the Donnelly tragedy and its survivors. It follows the lives of the remaining Donnellys -- William, Robert, Patrick and Jennie -- from 1880 on to their final days. Actual testimonies that were recorded during the investagation and the trials that followed are included. You will learn what became of the family and its friends and foes, as well as fascinating information about each donnelly: who they married, how many chidren they had, what businesses they went into, where they moved to and what troubles they faced!

Available as a KINDLE eBook on

Tom Barnes new song, 'Ballad of Johnny O'Connor', is a tribute to the brave young soul who survived the Donnelly massacre in 1880. Produced by TP Productions Inc., Tom is the vocalist on this song, and it is available for listening at:

Donnelly Homestead Site Tours
 If you're planning on visiting the Donnelly Homestead, please remember that it is a private residence, and not a historic site. Therefore, please call in advance to make an appointment. The best time to call is the early evening. For more information about touring the Donnelly Homestead, contact Robert Salts: 
Phone: 1 (519) 227-1244

Visit the Donnelly Homestead web page:

Homestead is open until 5:00 p.m.

It's a tour worth taking, and one you will never forget!

Member of the History
 Title graphic photos courtesy of London Free Press & Donna Jones.
 Special thanks to Robert Salts, Donna Jones, and Ray Fazakas for giving
permission to post their photographs on this web site.

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DONNELLY Photo Gallery
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View original photographs

of the Donnelly family!
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Donnelly Introduction
Murder Through The Eyes Of A Child
Death On Whalen's Corners
DONNELLY Family Tree
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The Donnelly Family Tree &  Donnelly

genealogy links.
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DONNELLY Bookshelf
[image] The Black Donnellys book cover
What's on your Donnelly bookshelf? This page lists all Donnelly books to date.
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Is the Donnelly Homestead haunted? You decide ... check out this popular bone-chilling page!
Take a look if you dare!

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Visit the Lucan Area Heritage & Donnelly Museum web site:
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Do you have any
OLD photos of the Donnellys, the Homestead, or the Donnelly tombstone? If you do, we'll post them on this web site. Please include your name and town/city so that proper credit can be given. E-mail your photos to: Webmaster
[image] In Search Of The Donnellys book coverIn Search
of the

by: Ray Fazakas 

Based on a lifetime of research, this follow-up to The Donnelly Album contains much new material, previously unpublished photographs of the Donnellys, their families, associates and enemies, and many fresh insights.